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Fox Racing CTD / DPS / 3-pos Remote Lever

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Part number FX82007033

The CTD (climb, trail, and descend) or 3-pos DPS (Open-Medium-Firm) remote lever from Fox resembles a lockout lever that you would typically find on a bike, but the two cables connected to the front fork and rear shock a bit unique. The lever controls both at the same time (when used with the splitter (PN - 803-00-817). The larger lever lets the rider go from descend to trail and then to climb, while the smaller lever releases the cable to go back the other way. Now you can easily control the characteristics of the bike easily with simple controls. For 2014, the remote was made much smaller and sleeker. It also requires less cable tention, which makes for a smoother and easier shift between climb, trail, and descend. (Open-Medium-Firm).

  • Can be mounted on the left or right
  • Compatible with the CTD and 3-position adjust feature in the 2014-2017 Fox lineup
  • Can be used for Fork, Rear shock or both. (splitter required for use with both).
  • Includes cable and housing and cable hardware.

Please Note: This 2014-2017 remote lever does not work perfectly with the 2013 Fox CTD lineup.