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Fox Float DPX2 and Float X2 - a new era

Posted on June 06 2017

Were going to start this blog with a bit of a testament to the Float X, which has been a simply superb shock for several years now. Coming out in late 2012, the Float X CTD re-defined the air shock market. The ultimate in external tune-a-bility, and its ability to perform like a coil shock in many ways, with the versatility of 'air spring pressure, and air spring volume' vs coil weight made the Float X a very popular choice for both OEM manufacturers, and aftermarket upgrades. The float x was an 'evolved' version of the already popular DHX Air, however with it's Kashima coating, user friendly controls and its amazing performance - it didn't take long before the DHX air was left behind.


Fast forward to 2016, and the bar was raised again. The Float X2 was launched, and went beyond market expectations in what was (is) a very well refined version of some technologies we had already seen in models such as Rockshox's Vivid Air. But, the X2 has been able to offer an incredibly compliant ride, allowing for traction the user never though possible, whiilst maintaining stability through the entire stroke. The serviceability and damper simplicity made us pretty happy too! However the big plus that came along with the X2, was the external adjutsment and tuneability. You could argue that most of these adjusters could have been tuned with the Float X (internally), but none were done so simply as with the X2 - with an allen key. That's where the X2 won our hearts in 2016. It has a huge range of adjustability, allowing it to suit virtually every frame's leverage ratio on the market, and looking damn fine in the process too!




Yes the X2 probably out performs the 'X' in most scenarios, but there has still been a strong place for the Float X. It had the climb switch that the X2 didn't, it had the remote capability that the X2 didn't, and it was also significantly cheaper.

For 2017, the major change to the X2 was the addition of the climb switch, making the X2 a much more versatile shock option. Other than the price-tag, or fitment issues, there would be little reason to consider the Float X, over the X2 when it comes to performance.




Now for 2018, the X2 remains at the top of Fox's performance ladder, but it has a new sibling that contains some very cool technologies. It's called the Float DPX2. The name comes from a combination of technologies found in the X2, and DPS float models. It gives the market a shock at a 'sub-premium' price-point with premium end performance - almost.

The Float DPX2 has a much stronger differential feel between the three compression settings than what the DHX Air, Float X, or X2 have had. This means that the lockout mode is as close to a true 'lockout' as you're likely to get in a shock this style. The open and medium modes are fully adjustable on the fly, and sensitivity at the initial stroke is 'high', thanks to the new one-piece EVOL air can. The Factory DPX2 also boasts 10clicks of low speed compression adjustment, and a full range of rebound adjustment, neatly positioned on the other end of the eyelet body.

The Float DPX2 is not likely to perform as well as the X2 - it's different. That's where the benefits will lie for the DPX2. For example: It will either bridge the gap for someone wanting a cost effective jump in performance from a standard in-line Float shock, or it will appeal to those bikes where the X2 or FLOAT X simply wouldn't fit. The DPX2 is offered in two smaller sizes than what the Float X2 was offered in (184mm and 190mm). I personally ride the Yeti SB45, and i am eagerly awaiting my new DPX2 shock to give it a solid season of trail testing. Those sort of bikes is where the DPX2 will be most comfortable - It's the mid trail / soft core enduro bikes with the 115-140mm market that we feel the DPX2 will be most comfortable in, but as we're yet to ride one - We could be proven otherwise. :)

Stay tuned for an update once we've spent some time on one.


DPX2 RRP $829.00au AVAILABLE to preorder for $759.00au


Here's some pics to get us excited:


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