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An Introduction - Stanchion Wrap

Posted on April 01 2021


It's an Australian invention, and we're proud as punch to be partnering with a brand that supports our local economy and shows immense potential, drum roll... Entering onto the stage, it's 'Stanchion Wrap'! 


It blows us away that it has taken this long for a product like Stanchion Wrap to come to fruition. It solves so many problems that we see on a daily basis, problems that affect the modern-day suspension systems. Problems including rock strikes, stiction, bushing wear, blown seals, and just plain boring stanchion colors. The Stanchion Wrap product effectively removes every one of those issues and the likelihood of them happening, and it's just a tiny investment that protects and performs way beyond its relatively tiny price tag. 



What is it? 


Stanchion Wrap's motto is simple. "It's better to look good than feel good, but it's good to have both". Stanchion Wrap is effectively a protective layer that sits over the fork or shock's stanchion and is applied directly over the top. It's 0.6 micrometers thick (yep, that's, 0.0006 of a millimeter), making it so thin that it allows for zero impact to the fork's functionality. At the same time, it enhances the fork or shocks performance due to the protective film actually having a lower friction rating than the cheaper black and silver finishes found on many suspension systems. From a friction point of view, only Fox's Kashima tested mildly better than the same fork that was then tested with the popular purple hologram graphic applied. In that test, they tested an MY21 Fox Factory fork and noted that "The performance loss that was revealed in testing by our dyno between Kashima and hologram purple, was so marginal that it was deemed 'not relevant". With that in mind, and the killer looks and added protection provided by the hologram purple Stanchion Wrap, 11 out of 10 real-world riders said they would happily take the extra friction, shiny looks, and added protection any day of the week. Just when you may have thought it couldn't get any better? Well, Stanchion Wrap also provides a 60% increase in rock-strike protection, with its ultra-hard but thin impermeable layer. It's also easy to remove and replace just in case 'shit happens'. 




How does it work? 


Stanchion Wrap is applied directly to the surface of the fork or shock stanchion, with only minimal preparation required. It does not impede the fork or shock's performance or function in any way and protects the fork or shock from costly nasties like rock strikes, mud, and ridiculous service intervals. And importantly, there is absolutely no compromise to the fork's sealing ability, keeping all fluids in, and all nasties out.


How does it Install? 

Some technical experience regarding removing the fork lowers and or shock's air can is needed, but other than that, it ain't rocket science. In brief, a Forks's lowers are removed and placed aside. The stanchions are cleaned using the unique Iso-propylightbynature mix that comes with each and every kit purchased. Once the stanchions are cleaned, using the stencil that can be downloaded from the Stanchion Wrap website, simply cut the 0.0006mm thick film to the appropriate sizes based on the stencil. There are options for all the common fork and shock sizes from all the big brands. Next up, trim the Stanchion Wrap film to the desired length, which will be the overall length of the stanchion. The length differs from brand to brand, and hence you will end up with more than you need. It is important to ensure the Stanchion Wrap runs the full length of the stanchion or shock's damper body, to ensure zero bushing interference and optimized performance and looks. The backing paper is then removed, and the film is then applied carefully to the stanchion in a 'wrap' style application, with the join normally placed at the back, where it's less visible. (Edit - the join won't affect performance in any way, so can really be placed anywhere. We just think it looks best where it cant be seen!). Once applied, apply pressure along the length of the stanchion to ensure the film sticks appropriately. The fork's seals and bushings will do this anyway, but for the best result, we prefer to make sure it's perfect before the lowers are put back on. Lastly, re-install the lowers (with appropriate fluids), or the shock's air can, then re-inflate and start riding. You'll feel the loss in friction almost immediately, and you'll be noticed almost as fast. Stanchion Wrap products are a real trail-head conversation starter, and a great way to make new friends. 


You can see the film being applied! Can't afford Kashima? Get the factory look AND feel with Stanchion Wrap! 





Stanchion Wrap comes in several color options and the range is growing fast. They intend to bring out a wild array of patterns and custom color and custom graphics options in the very near future. It sounds awesome, especially cool if you can get your partner's face, your dog, or your sponsor's logo printed and applied to your fork's stanchion!  You'll be able to slide up and down with your partner all day long, with the peace of mind of added protection. The options are endless, and with the ultra-thin film protective coating, we are looking forward to seeing modern suspension systems last way beyond their intended lifespan without ever needing service!  

See for the full technical spiel. 
Stanchion wrap will even do rear shocks too! Check out some of the awesome creations they sent us!  






  • Colour - 12 options available. More to come
  • Thickness - 0.6 micrometers, just 0.0006 of an mm thick. 
  • Wear: Each application can last up to 20,000hrs use. but more likely 20 seconds. 
  • Length - Available for all forks except Boxxer/Fox 40 due to material restrictions. 
  • Width - 120mm, to suit applications up to Fox 38 and Rockhox Zeb! 
  • Weight - Nil. 
  • Size - Sold in sheets, the user cuts to size using an online template. 
  • Price - $19.95 per sheet. 1 sheet is enough for 1 fork, with leftover for rear shocks.  
  • Availability - Late April 2021


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