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Can I convert my Fox shock to remote?

Posted on January 13 2017

Can I convert my Fox rear shock from a standard lever adjust, to a remote actuated unit?

This is a common question that we get asked, and whilst the answer is Yes, it is not a simple bolt on conversion. Here's why:

A remote ready rear shock takes a specific eyelet that has a special cable 'cam' attached and built into it's casting. These remote ready shocks also have a completely different adjuster shaft that goes into the shock's eyelet body to actuate the rebound and compression adjustments. Thus, a remote conversion from a non-remote shock involves a reasonably major part replacement and associated service costs.

The good news is that most models in the Fox CTD or Fox DPS range of shocks, including the trunnion mount models, can be converted to (or from) remote with the change of the eyelet assembly, which are to a degree - universal. The eyelet assembly is a complete unit that includes the adjusters (as pictured), and can be installed at the time of a service, rebuild, or specifically if needed.

Costs to do the conversion generally starts from $319, including the eyelet unit, and all new seals throughout the shock assembly, and rebuild accordingly to factory or user specification. The job involves significant tooling and has to be done by an authorized center such as Cyclinic.

Once the shock has been converted, all you will need is a lever unit, and currently these are sold in a few options as listed below:

    1. Scott Twinloc (Fox) Lever (Best for fork/shock dual use) 
    2. 3 Position Lever (can be mounted left or right) 
    3. 2 Position Lever 2016/2017 2-position (For systems using 1x drivetrains, and or where fork/shock are both being remotely actuated)
    4. 2 Position Lever 2018-2021 2-position (For systems using 1x drivetrains, and or where fork/shock are both being remotely actuated)

Update note: 2017 (and onwards)  Model Fox DPS shocks that are non-remote, CAN be converted to remote with only the remote interface parts. This can save approx $50 on the costs above in some cases, however, the shock still requires a full deconstruction. 



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