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Fox 32 - Level 5 resurrection

Posted on February 23 2022

Recently, another Level 5 service went through the workshop, and we thought it would be interesting to share what is done during the typical level 5 fork service. A level 5 is a major service that is usually done on a fork that has had heavy use over a number of years. It can be done across the range of Fox 32's to 38's, and will vary in price accordingly. It includes a replacement of the fork's CSU (Crown steerer unit), replacement of the (4) bushings in the fork's lower, service of the fork's damper, service of the air spring, fresh dust seals and foam rings and fresh fluids and greases throughout.

There can be many reasons why a level 5 is necessary, but in this particular case, it's a Fox 32 that has been subject to no known service history over its 8 years of 'service'. Below you will see the condition of the internals, and some interesting pics of the degree of wear and oil contamination, oil solidification and surface wear from several years of hard riding. 




The new parts. This includes an upgrade to the EVOL air spring (far better sensitivity and tune-ability than the original), and in this case - a new damper. A new damper is not normally part of a Level 5, but as you can see from the original damper's condition - it was a good idea. Major clean of the lower leg, removal of the old bushings making way for new groove-less bushings, set to correct depth and honed to suit the new CSU. Ready for rebuild!  



The end result is a fork that will continue to serve for many years to come. Several new components went into this fork service, and some may question if it's worthwhile or economical. However, the result is a higher specced, and better performing outcome than an equivalent 'new' fork of that value. Additionally, many new forks are often not offered in the older specifications needed (ie, 27.5, 15x100 for example), so when you factor in new hubs, adaptors and sometimes headset parts, it can make perfect sense. Here's how this one turned out: 



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