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Fox Float 34 2012-2015 Na2 Air Spring Upgrade

Posted on January 16 2016

2012-2015 34mm FLOAT and TALAS forks can now be upgraded with a version of the award-winning FLOAT NA air spring system used in the 2015 and 2016 Fox 36, and all 2016 Fox 32, 34's!. The FLOAT NA2 air spring system reduces the force to initiate travel (thanks to the removal of all coil 'negative' springs) and provides massively improved sensitivity and small bump compliance for all riders and all pressure settings. The new FLOAT NA2 air spring system also makes internal travel changes nice and easy, and there's also a sneaky 70-90 gram weight saving!

When upgrading to the FLOAT NA air spring system, you may not increase travel of your fork unless you do not exceed the maximum travel of the damper and chassis that originally came in your fork (160mm for Fox 34). If unsure if this upgrade is compativble, contact us with your forks serial number or 4-digit product code.

To upgrade an existing 2012-2015 34mm fork with the FLOAT NA Air Spring System, order one of the kits listed below. Each kit will contain all of the necessary air spring parts needed to convert an existing fork. The kit will come pre-configured for the travel being purchased and will include any needed neg plate spacers. The Transfer shaft will be pre-set in the Transfer Hole location appropriate for the travel being purchased.

Available as follows:

Fox 34 2012-2015 model  29" 120-150mm Travel

Fox 34 2012-2015 model 26", 27.5" 140-160mm Travel

See the Fox technical guide here:


The new upgrade kit. Approx 70grams lighter!
The new upgrade kit. Approx 70grams lighter!
Air Spring Configuration
Air Spring Configuration
The 2012-2015 Fox 34 air spring kit showing the negative 'coil' springs.
The 2012-2015 Fox 34 air spring kit showing the negative 'coil' springs.