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Fox StepCast 32 - Team rider impressions

Posted on September 20 2016

Cyclinic are proudly supporting some local riders with the new Fox 32 StepCast XC fork. The new fork from Fox has certainly raised the bar from a technical standpoint, from the groundbreaking weight, to the Fit4 E16 damper, and the super supple Na2 air spring assembly. Whilst we can talk the technical jargon all day about how we know they perform, here's some perspectives from the riders. Scroll down for 4 short, unedited, first impressions: :)


Caleb - 16yrs (Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail - 29") 

"When I first got my brand new 2017 32 Fox factory step cast, I instantly saw how good the bright orange fork strangely fitted with the turquoise of the Yeti. My first impression of the fork was how insanely light it was, seeing as though is was around 300 grams lighter than my old forks, you could just easily lift up the front end of the bike like it was nothing. As soon as I hit the trails and there came a climb the difference was crazy it just kept on eating up the hills with ease. With the new fork the bike was way easier to control when it came to technical sections especially with log overs, because it's so light you barely have to try to get over anything. My first race with the new forks was the Epic and I was tackling the extremely challenging 87 km loop. The fork was perfect the entire time and the help of weight factor just gave me an edge over some of the other competitors because when it came to technical sections I didn't have to use as much energy throwing the bike around. I would definitely recommend this fork to all cross-country riders and racers that are looking for that extra edge on their opponents during races, this fork handles brilliantly and is easily the best fork I've ever ridden". 



Chris - 24yrs (Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail 29") 

The Fox Step-Cast fork is definitely a refined and smart looking fork. The machined chassis has allowed it to drop a considerable amount of weight from it’s predecessor. When I first installed the forks onto my extra large steed I wasn’t expecting any substantial (other than the cool colours) improvements having ridden on their previous top of the line Fox Float 32’s. If anything, I was skeptical that the Step-Cast fork would flex under hard braking or during a rough corner and maybe some tyre rub due to it’s narrow build.
So I went to test. After a long hard day through my local trails and national park I felt I had run Fox’s latest forks through its paces. Throwing huge fire road descents at it. Tackled your typical cross country singletracks, rocky infested creek crossings as well as the sudden “OH-S%$#”, all anchor braking moments. I could not get it to show any signs of flex, no tire buzz nor any deflection through sketchy technical trail. Black magic I tell you, or orange magic.
For what Fox has set out to achieve, they have nailed it. A no sacrafice super lightweight fork built for cross country racing with user friendly tunability inviting everyone to come to play and slay. The only tough decision now, do you choose; black, white or orange? 

Jo - 51yrs  (Yeti ARC Carbon Hardtail 27.5") 

I’m not bike mechanic or bike techie but I do ride my mountain bike a lot. I’ve also work my way up from a basic WS aluminum Trek to my dream Yeti Arc I now ride.  I started riding using a Fox fork and then fitted a RockShox SID race to my Santa Cruz Blur.  But when it came to the build on the Yeti I knew I wanted to go back to Fox.  Then a few weeks ago I got the new Fox 32 step-cast fork fitted by Aiden Lefmann at Cyclinic.  

First impressions - it was simpler to understand the set up and how to make on-trail adjustments.  In action - my first real test was a local 3 hour enduro with a nice steep single track climb.  I couldn’t believe how light the front of the bike was and the difference it made to my climbing.  I also felt the bike handled a lot better on tight corners whether ascending or descending.  The bike’s been tested quite a bit in the past month with a 100km marathon in Dwelling Up, WA and last weekend in the Epic Pursuit.  Bike is riding like a dream and races are going pretty well too!



Zac - 16yrs (Yeti ARC carbon Hardtail 29") 

When I walked into Cyclinic and saw the bike with the new Fox 32 SC (Step-Cast) I was more excited than a tornado in a trailer park to ride the lightest fork Fox has ever made. The weight reduction was achieved by shrinking and narrowing the crown and arch so the upper tubes have a 120 mm spacing compared to 130 mm on non-SC forks, then they shortened the upper tubes and the sliders have a built-in step casting that goes from normal wide around the tubes to narrower at the dropouts. Without this “step” there would not be room for the hub flanges, spokes and brakes Inside these bad boys you will find all the usual voodoo gear you expect from fox. You’ll find the successful Fit4 damper with three damping positions: open, medium and firm, along with external low-speed compression damping I prefer in the open setting. I’ve kept air volume spacer settings stock.

At 58 psi the 32 SC was plush off the top, keeping the front wheel grounded without bouncing or skipping, whilst still achieving full travel without nose diving in turns and flex was a non-issue I mostly kept the fork in open mode and only when the trail smoothed out did I go to the medium setting. The striking SC comes in orange, black and white. For me the orange looks mint whilst slaying single track. Overall the SC 32 feels light, quick, tight and precise, which is everything I want when riding XC



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