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Huck - Hardtail Universal Conversion Kit

Posted on April 01 2022


An Introduction. 


New products come to market all the time, but every now and then something special comes along. Something special that actually has a genuine place in this world, something that has an actual benefit to the real world riders amongst us. We're not talking about the latest suspension gadgetry that makes you ride faster, nor some data acquisition device that tells you how to modify a compression ratio, we're talking about a product that each and every rider can use, whether that be a need or a want. Around the world there is an upwards trend towards longer and slacker hardtails, after years of a marketing push towards a 'bigger is better' mentality, specifically aimed at selling more ever increasingly capable enduro bikes. However, let's face it - They can just suck when the terrain points upwards. The modern hardtail may be the direct answer, however for many of us, a second bike is not always an achievable outcome. This is where 'Huck' comes into play. Huck is a dead-set revolutionary new product that is something you will want to own. 


What is it? 


Huck (Hardtail Universal Conversion Kit) allows any rider to effortlessly and cost-effectively transform their down country, backcountry, forward country, enduro, e-enduro or e-mtb to a hardtail. Yep, it's that simple, a universal hardtail conversion device that allows any suspension bike from any category to be modified to a climbing machine, a super commuter, or just a snappy pavement belting or kom hunting beast, whatever you're into. User's have also found it to be super helpful when their 'suspension' is away getting serviced, and they have swapped in 'huck' in its place. Some have even reportedly never looked back, selling their freshly serviced shock and enjoying the new found hardtail freedoms that huck brings. 
How does it work? 


It really is too simple. Huck sits in place of the frame's shock. Ie, remove the shock from the frame, and install Huck in its place, utilizing the frame's existing mounting hardware, and bolts. Huck uses a regular 1/2" eyelet (same as all your common Rockshox, Fox and many other big brands), so you can simply swap out the hardware from the shock, into the eyelets of Huck. Once installed, tighten up the frame's mounting bolts to the frame's torque specification if known (or to the click in your wrist is fine), and get ready to be blown away. That big long travel slug of a bike will now pedal like a hardtail, and will climb like it never should have before. Before you know it, you'll be selling your body armour to make way for more lycra, and entering the next local XC race. 


One of the amazing features of Huck is its versatility. There are two models available in its first release, covering the majority of demand. There's a model for Trunnion or standard application, and users can easily change the eye to eye length by using the telescopic function built into the chassis of the Huck device. The Trunnion Huck can be two different lengths (185mm or 205mm), and the standard Huck can be set in 3 different lengths (190mm, 210mm or 230mm). Changing the length to the desired specification is quick and easy, using the 'slick-pin', developed exclusively for Huck, and providing a fast, and secure way to change the length to suit. Slick Pin is a ball-lock style pin that allows for effortless changes in the length of each Huck device. This means that one Huck device can be used across several of the bikes in your shed. Using both your thumbs, you effortlessly depress the ball locking button with one thumb, and drift out the pin with the other. Re-install the pin into your desired hole, making sure the length matches your bike's specification. 


Slick Pin:


The video below shows how quick and easy it is to make on the fly geometry adjustments. Change the head-tube angle by up to 2 degrees in seconds! 




Up to 2 degree's adjustment range on the Standard Huck, and 1 degree using Trunnion (as pictured). 



Tubing: Carbon Fibre Square tubing manufactured to aerospace specification HS-CP-5000 
Eyelets: Trunnion Mount and Eyelets manufactured from AL-7055-T77 aerospace grade high strength aluminium alloy. 
Slick Pin: Stainless Steel Grade 69
Weight: 100g


Specification / Fitment:


Suitable for any frame with the following shock sizes. (Available in two options) 
  • Trunnion: 185mm or 205mm (Stroke not relevant) 
  • Standard: 190mm, 210mm and 230mm (Stroke not relevant) 



$USD100.00, $AUD$139.00, $NZD149.00


Available now to order. HERE. 


User Testimonials: 


"After sending my shock back for warranty repairs 3 times, I finally decided to sell it on, and replaced it with Huck. I'll never be stressed about a leaking rear shock ever again, not to mention the associated down-time whilst it was away getting repaired. Plus, my big bike is now perfect for commuting". Gerry (Australia)


"The weight reduction of Huck can really be felt in my full suspension now Hardtail bike. Huck shaved almost 400g from my bike, and I now look for more hills to ride". Vladimir (Russia) 


"Whilst Huck has been able to transform the big bike to a climbing weapon, I've also been able to use Huck to slacken my bike's headtube angle by almost 2 degrees, which is amazing for the steep gnar around Queenstown where I live". Greg (New Zealand) 
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