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Shock Reducer / Hardware Types

Posted on August 16 2017

Reducer / shock hardware wear Identification: 

Reducers - Left (new), Right (8months old) While reducers will sometimes last many sets of DU bushings before they need to be replaced, it is important to check that they sit tight inside the DU bushings, especially when the bushings are new. If they press into a newly inserted DU bush with little to no effort or force - Your reducers are likely to be worn and will need replacing. Also, if the centre hole through the reducers are showing any sign of wear or ovalisation - They will require replacement.




Reducer / shock hardware types: 

Here are the three common styles of mounting hardware found on the majority of mountainbikes. From Left to right - 2 Piece alloy, 5 piece with Nylon flanged DU, 3 piece alloy. All three will come in several overall widths, and in varying inner thru axle diameters for your shock mounting bolts.
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