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Unpacking the new Rockshox Deluxe Ultimate RCT

Posted on March 09 2023

Rockshox have stepped up their game big time for the 2023 model year, and while the Charger3 RC2 damper and the new Super Deluxe range might be getting all the hype on vitalbike© or pinkmtb®, we think Rockshox might have pulled a sneaky one and delivered one of the best bang for your buck rear shocks we've ever seen with the all new Deluxe Ultimate RCT. (C1) 


There's a host of improvements in the new Deluxe range, so we'll try and highlight some of the key ones here.



The new Deluxe gets the same updated DebonAir+ air spring design as the Super Deluxe, offering improved air spring tuning (0-4 positive tokens, 0-1 negative tokens), and two air can options.  The shocks come with the Linear air can design, which suits a wide range of bikes and riders, but you can install the Progressive air can if you need even more support through the middle and end stroke.  Bottom out harshness is also improved with a new castled bumper inside the shock.


RCT Damper

The Deluxe Ultimate features the RCT damper, which offers a wide range of rebound adjustment, a 2 position Open-Threshold lever for a quick way to firm the shock up for climbs, and 3 low speed compression settings for the open mode.


Reduced friction

Rockshox have reduced the friction in their new shocks in several ways to improve sensitivity and plushness.  Their partnership with Maxima continues with new Plush Dynamic Suspension lube keeping things slippery. Rockshox also increased the bushing overlap in their rear shocks, to keep things better aligned and sliding with maximum suppleness. 


Improved service-ability

Rockshox have massively increased the range of spare parts they offer for their new rear shocks meaning they'll be able to be serviced, repaired and brought back to feeling new for many years to come.  Eyelet assemblies, damper shafts, pistons, damper bodies, and shims are all offered as replacement parts which is something Rockshox hasn't done for many years.


These changes all add up to a rear shock that offers more performance, tuning, personalisation, and repairability than the previous models, and it comes in at a super competitive price.  The only downside is the Deluxe range is only offered in metric sizes.
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