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Cannondale Lefty Ocho Crown-Mount Lockout lever kit

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Part number K36111

Cannondale Lefty Ocho Crown-Mount Lockout lever kit

This kit Includes all the components as pictured. It allows for a quick and easy change from 'remote' to 'crown' lockout adjust on the Lefty Ocho. 

Tools required - 1.5mm and 2mm hex key. 

Part # K36111


Converting from remote to 'crown' lockout instructions: 

  1. Remove low-speed compression adjuster (2mm Hex) 
  2. Remove cable from 2mm silver hex bolt, and remove. 
  3. Remove the 2x black 1.5mm hex bolts. Use caution and wear protective eyewear when removing 2nd bolt, holding a rag over the unit to avoid the spring from popping out.  
  4. Discard the remote lockout spring and associated pulley parts. 
  5. Manually move the centre section counter clockwise until it stops
  6. Place the new lockout pulley (green/silver piece) onto the fork. 
  7. Prepare new lockout lever by installing the two supplied dust seals. 
  8. Install new lever in desired position, and fix using 2 x 1.5mm Hex bolts.  
  9. Install new Low-speed compression knob, and bolt. Use Caution to not pinch the dust seal.  
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