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Fox Shock Damper Rebuild Kit - RP3

Our price $49.95

Part number FX80300051

Complete and genuine Fox shock damper service kit.

Please consider the warning notice's below before proceeding with the purchase of this item. 


WARNING 1): FOX products should be serviced by a qualified bicycle service technician, in accordance with FOX specifications. If you have any doubt whether or not you can properly service your FOX product, then DO NOT attempt it. Improperly serviced products can fail, causing the rider to lose control resulting in SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

WARNING 2): FOX suspension products contain pressurized nitrogen, air, oil, or all 3. Suspension misuse can cause property damage, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. DO NOT puncture, incinerate or crush any portion of a FOX suspension product. DO NOT attempt to disassemble any portion of a FOX suspension product, unless expressly instructed to do so by the applicable FOX technical documentation, and then ONLY while strictly adhering to all FOX instructions and warnings in that instance. 

WARNING 3): Cyclinic takes no responsibility for any damages as a result of the use of this service kit.

NOTE: Cyclinic does not provide any shock damper nitrogen inflation services. (Except for those shocks fully serviced in our service department). 



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